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Our mission is to help our clients live life to its fullest and achieve their unique goals by providing a tailored blend of comprehensive financial planning and knowledgeable portfolio management.  Our success is measured by our clients’ success.

Practice Areas

Financial Planning

We offer a holistic approach to comprehensive financial planning focused on the values and needs of each client. Our team has a genuine desire to connect with each client and support them in achieving their financial goals. With a holistic approach, we focus on building and protecting our clients' wealth. We take into consideration all facets of your financial situation, because your financial roadmap is as unique as you.

Investment Services

Since our founding, our investment strategy has been focused on minimizing risk. We create portfolios that strike a balance between your need for growth and income and your ability to assume risk. Preserving wealth, however, does not require you to stand still. Your investment portfolio should be designed to achieve stable and less volatile returns regardless of the direction of the market. We utilize a unique options strategy that allows us to control risk and anticipate returns. Our investment services are offered for both financial planning clients as well as stand alone service.

Tax Planning

Taxes play a big role in your financial life, so tax planning is a critical component of your financial plan. By utilizing an intentional tax planning strategy, we can guide you to make better choices that will save you money and reduce your tax liability. At Lindus Advisors, we maintain a tax-conscious approach to your financial plan.

Risk Management

The preservation of your wealth starts by understanding your financial situation. At Lindus Advisors, our team of professionals look at your financial plan from various angle to provide recommendations designed to synergistically protect your wealth and your future.

Why Choose Our Firm

A comprehensive, client-centric approach to financial advice.

Experienced Advisors

With extensive knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that we are looking at your financial situation from a comprehensive perspective. Our team works collaboratively to ensure we are preserving and building your wealth.

Personalized Portfolio Management

Our goal is to protect your wealth and help you stay on course to achieving your financial goals. We see each of our clients as individuals with unique goals and values, and we curate each portfolio accordingly.

A Guide To Your Financial Life

We will help you create and navigate your financial roadmap based on your values and goals. We will customize your financial plan and provide comprehensive support to help you achieve your ideal life.

Request a Free Consultation

We would be happy to sit down with you and illustrate how our strategies have historically helped our clients and how they might benefit you moving forward.